Create a recruiting JD quickly with AI Smart HR

by doris
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Creating a Job Description (JD) is one of the useful features of Smart HR, help businesses can recruit suitable candidates without spending too much time drafting. Specifically, how Smart HR benefits, let’s find out through the article below!

What is Smart HR?

Smart HR is part of Blue Studio – an AI content creation platform. This tool helps you to write job description automatically by entering job name and candidate requirements such as skills, qualifications, experience, salary, etc.

This tool will assist you to write a job description (JD) with full content, thereby saving time and effort in recruiting personnel.

How to use Smart HR

Step 1: Visit Blue Studio’s Smart HR website HERE. You register an account, then proceed to login.

Step 2: Choose Smart JD HR.

Step 3: Enter the name of the job you want to hire and then press the “Write” button to let the tool automatically create a job description template for you.

Step 4: You can view, edit or copy the created job description

In addition, you can click the “Save” button to save the content on the system, which you can find again in the “Your content” section.

Benefits of Smart HR

Save time and costs: You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money to hire staff or services to write content or job descriptions. You just need to enter some basic information and let Smart HR do the rest.

Improve work efficiency: You can create a lot of good and attractive content, thereby attracting many potential candidates for job positions.


So Xthemes has introduced to you a tool to support human resource recruitment – Smart HR. With a friendly interface, easy to use and useful features, you will definitely need this application. Wishing you success!

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