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CEH v12 is EC-Council’s latest White Hat Hacker course. In this article, I will share the Download link for CEH v12 Manual Lab, after completing the course you can become a Hacker to test the system and improve your security knowledge.

What is CEH V12?

CEH is an acronym for Certified Ethical Hacker, also known as Certified Ethical Hacker (white hat). A CEH curriculum is designed to educate research hobbyists on hacking methods and techniques that will help them fulfill their role in cybersecurity. The latest CEH curriculum is called CEH v12. I will share the Download link for CEH v12 Manual Lab – The latest White Hat Hacker textbook. This program includes 5 steps as follows:

Reconnaissance – Reconnaissance is the preparatory phase in which the attacker gathers information about the target.

Scanning – The process of scanning includes various tools used to gather information that helps in detecting vulnerabilities.

Gaining access- Gaining access: when an attacker gains access to a system or network to launch an attack.

Maintain access – Maintain access rights includes persistence of the attacker continuing to access the system even after the system is logged out.

Covering tracks- Covering tracks: it includes leaving no artifacts of work that was previously done, such as deleting tools, scripts, etc.

CEH v12 will help you think like a hacker and protect your company and system from being attacked by other Hackers.

What’s new in CEH v12?

Technology changes every day and so does the CEH v12 curriculum. In the download link CEH v12 Manual Lab will have new knowledge, Lab articles, assessments and tests so you can fight other Hackers.

The 20 Module CEH v12 training program covers a wide range of technologies, tactics and processes providing future ethical Hackers with the core knowledge needed to thrive in the networking profession.

Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking – Ethical Hacking

Learn the fundamentals of key issues in the world of information security, including the basics of ethical hacking, information security controls, relevant laws, and standard procedures.

Module 02: Footprints and Reconnaissance – Footprinting and Reconnaissance

Learn how to use the latest techniques and tools to perform tracking and tracing, a critical pre-attack stage of the ethical hacking process.

Module 03: Scanning Networks – Scanning Networks

Learn different network scanning techniques and countermeasures.

Module 04: Enumeration – Enumeration

Learn different enumeration techniques, including Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Network File Sharing (NFS) exploits, and related countermeasures.

Module 05: Vulnerability Analysis

Learn how to identify security holes in the target organization’s network, communications infrastructure, and end systems. Various vulnerability assessment types and vulnerability assessment tools are also included.

Module 06: Hacking the system

Learn about different system attack methods used to uncover system and network vulnerabilities, including hidden data logging techniques, hidden data analysis attacks, and ways to hide traces.

Module 07: Malware Threats

Learn about different types of malware (Trojans, viruses, worms, etc.), APT and fileless malware, malware analysis workflows, and malware countermeasures harmful.

Module 08: Sniffing – Sniffing

Learn about packet sniffing techniques and how to use them to discover network vulnerabilities, along with countermeasures to combat sniffing attacks.

Module 09: Social Engineering – Social Engineering

Learn social engineering concepts and techniques, including how to identify theft attempts, test for human-level vulnerabilities, and recommend social engineering countermeasures.

Module 10: Denial of Service – DDOS

Learn about different Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS) attack techniques, plus tools used to test targets and devise countermeasures and DoS protections and DDoS.

Module 11: Hijacking – Session Hijacking

Learn the different session hijacking techniques used to uncover network-level session management, authentication, authorization, and encryption weaknesses, and associated countermeasures.

Module 12: Dodging IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots

Learn about firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and honeypot evasion techniques; tools used to check the network perimeter for weaknesses; and countermeasures.

Module 13: Hacking the web server

Learn about web server attacks, including the comprehensive attack methodology used to test vulnerabilities in web server infrastructure and countermeasures.

Module 14: Hacking Web Apps

Learn about web application attacks, including comprehensive web application hacking methods used to test web application vulnerabilities and countermeasures.

Module 15: SQL injection

Learn about SQL injection attack techniques, evasion techniques, and countermeasures against SQL injection.

Module 16: Hacking wireless networks

Learn about different types of encryption, threats, hacking methods, hacking tools, security tools, and countermeasures for wireless networks.

Module 17: Hacking mobile platforms

Learn mobile platform attack vectors, Android and iOS hacking, mobile device management, mobile security principles, and security tools.

Module 18: Hack IoT

Learn different types of Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) attacks, hacking methods, hacking tools, and countermeasures.

Module 19: Cloud Computing

Learn different cloud computing concepts, such as container technology and serverless computing, various cloud computing threats, attacks, hacking methods, and other technologies. Cloud security tools and techniques.

Module 20: Cryptography

Learn about encryption algorithms, cryptographic tools, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), email encryption, disk encryption, cryptographic attacks, and cryptographic analysis tools.

Download CEH v12 Manual Lab

This is the official curriculum from EC-Council – the security training center, where the CEH v12 curriculum is written. You can Download PDF CEH v12 Manual Lab for free shared by Xthemes at the link below:

Download CEH v12 PDF (Fshare)

Download CEH v12 PDF (

In the Link, there are bonuses to add PDF files Certified Network Defender – The network defense curriculum is also from EC-Council.

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