How to update CPANEL from SSH or GUI

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How to update CPANEL from SSH or GUI

To update cPanel software on Linux VPS, there are 2 ways to do it.

Upgrading cPanel software is required to patch some possible security breaches and benefit from the latest features.

A) How to update cPanel via SSH.

1) Login to your VPS or Dedicated Server over SSH using your SSH client like Putty

2) Enter your login details

3) Run the following command:


/scripts/upcp –force

This last command allows you to ignore some errors you may encounter during the update process

B) How to update cPanel through GUI (User Interface)

1) Login to your WHM interface using http://youripaddress:2086

2) Enter your original login details

3) Check the update settings can be accessed from the sidebar in Home -> Server Configuration -> Update Options

You will have 5 types of updates to choose from:

1 – LTS: Long Term Support disables updates and lets you use the current version as long as cPanel supports the version you are using.
2 – STABLE : this is a widely used and tested version through relatively large public exposure.
3 – RELEASE : this is a well tested and updated version of cPanel. Regular updates are available and it is recommended for production use as it is the right balance between security – features – stability
4 – CURRENT : is a cpanel verified version that may not contain all the features you should have in the later RELEASE level.
5 – EDGE : can be assimilated in beta to alpha version of cPanel environment, definitely not recommended outside of testing purposes like production level

4) Once you have determined, the type of update you want and the rules for automating the check, you can choose in the sidebar: cPanel -> Upgrade to the latest version

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