Optimizing security for Nginx Proxy Manager using Access Lists

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I have had many articles on how to install and use Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM) on my blog, but I have never shared how to optimize security for domains set up in NPM.

Today’s article will show you how to use the Access Lists feature of Nginx Proxy Manager to optimize security for established domains.

1. Create Access List

Access Nginx Proxy Manager, select the Access Lists item on the Menu Bar, click Add Access List

nginx proxy manager access lists 1

Enter the required information:

  • Details: enter the name of the Access List in the Name field.
  • Authorization: nhập Username / Password
  • Access: can be left blank if you do not want to limit access by IP. I entered to limit access from the indoor LAN only.

Click Save to save

The Access List with the name Limited Access appeared in the list

nginx proxy manager access lists 52. Edit Proxy Host

Go back to the Hosts section, find the Proxy Host you need to update and click Edit.

In the Access List section, open it and select Limited Access. Then click Save

nginx proxy manager access lists 6

3. Check the results

nginx proxy manager access lists 7 1Access to the newly edited domain name, a dialog box asking for Username / Password confirmation will appear. Need to enter the correct parameters set up in the previous Access Lists section and click Sign In to access the website.

If you enter the wrong username or password, the browser will give an error 401 Authorization Required.

When accessing the domain from outside the LAN, the browser gives an error 403 Forbidden. The reason is because I have restricted access to only allow access from IPs in the LAN.

It is done!

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