What is Email Relay? When to use you should clearly know

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Anti-spam organizations often blacklist USese IPs. So when you send emails to mail organizations like Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail or Hotmail, they will often be rejected or marked as spam. To solve this, you can use the Email Relay service. So, what is Email Relay? Let’s find out more details on xthemes through the article shared below!

What is Email Relay?

Mail translated as emailstill Relay Be forward. So, Email Relay is understood as a service email forwarding (hey SMTP Relay). The Email Relay service allows users to use affiliated email programs to send emails. In particular, you will be allowed to use your Email Server to send emails and the recipients do not need to have a mail account on your mail server.

What is Email Relay?
What is Email Relay?

Briefly, Email Relay works according to the following basic process: receiving email from this mail server, then through a third party to forward the email to another mail server. In general, the Email Relay service is quite similar to the transit process when traveling by plane.

The Email Relay service can be compatible with the enterprise Internet network through a normal telephone network, leased line Leased Line or other type of ADSL (short for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) service.

When to use Email Relay?

You should use Email Relay if your emails often have problems like rejection, marked as Spam Mail (blacklisted) or marked as unsafe when sending mail to mail organizations such as Outlook, Hotmail. , Yahoo, Gmail…

At the same time, you can also use Email Relay when the email server IP or domain name is not reputable, low reliability causes the email to be placed in spam and not sent to the recipient’s inbox. .

When to use Email Relay?
When to use Email Relay?

In case your business needs to optimize the costs for email servers, Email Relay is also a good suggestion to help reduce the big cost instead of the high initial fee.

In addition, many individuals and organizations also use Email Relay to avoid being limited to email sent throughout the day using the Google Workspace service package. Connecting Email Relay to a website or mobile application to send mail from the website and application also brings higher convenience than usual.

Usually, we will send the mail from the first server to the second server (or smart host) or transfer the mail in another way so as not to have problems and be marked as spam (spam).

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What does Email Relay support for you?

The reason why Email Relay is used as popular today is because this service brings many benefits and optimal support to the users. This service helps businesses build an email system right in their office with an unlimited number of users.

Email Relay will help you optimize self-management and allow rapid storage of electronic information, and also create conditions for company members to easily exchange internal information. without worrying about security issues.

Finally, the company email box will be associated with the brand in all online exchanges and transactions. It creates prestige, reliability, professional style and brand image in the eyes of customers for the company.

smtp relay
What does Email Relay support for you?

Email Relay Features?

Here are the special points that make Email Relay popular today:

  • High level of safety and security.
  • Capable of storing entire email mailboxes (depending on user requirements).
  • More cost optimized than large email organizations.
  • Suitable for most businesses using email by domain.
  • Email associated with a private domain name will prove the professionalism and prestige of the brand in the eyes of customers.
  • Easily manage and optimize Email Server resources.
  • Unlimited number of workstations and number of email accounts created.
  • Compatible with corporate and enterprise networks.
  • Not put in spam folder, not rejected to send mail on Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook…
  • Automate operations such as: Receiving and sending mail, disconnecting when sending and receiving mail is finished or when the Internet is not accessible from a workstation, establishing a connection when it’s time to receive mail or the workstation sends a connection request. Internet connection

Instructions for installing Email Relay in MDaemon

MDaemon Mail Server is a type of Mail server developed to bring the safest security solution for your mail. In addition, this server does not require much configuration to be used with MDaemon Mail Server.

In addition, you can also set up your entire Mail via Relay Host (or Smarthost) if you want to increase security and reduce possible mail delivery problems.

To install Email Relay on MDaemon Mail Server, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: First, you need to access the MDaemon server using the Console o Remote Desktop Connection. Then search for configuration Open the MDaemon Configuration Session through tools Search.
Click Open MDaemon Configuration Session
Click Open MDaemon Configuration Session
  • Step 2: Section Setupyou click select Server Settings or use the keyboard shortcut F2.
Select Server Settings
Select Server Settings
  • Step 3: On the path Servers and Deliverydo the following:
    • Click select Deliverythen check the box “Send all outgoing email to a smart host” in the middle of the item Message Routing. This step will allow all emails to be sent to the Relay host you specify below.
chon delivery
  • If the mail is still not delivered to the specified address, everything will be forwarded to the Retry system. At this time, MDeamon will try to keep and send the mail according to the settings in the Retry mail queue in the Mail Queue dialog.
  • Naa Default smart hostyou enter the Mail Relay server name, ISP or IP address of the Relay server.
  • Section Treat the default smart host as the domain name and serve to its MX hostsif your mail host supports Incoming mail filtering, you can enable this option. If not, choose disable.
  • Choose Use SMTP Authentication then enter the account name – username and password – password.
Instructions for installing Email Relay in MDaemon
Instructions for installing Email Relay in MDaemon
  • Step 4: After completing the above, you can choose Apply then finish with the button OK.

In order not to worry about the problem of installing Email Relay, you can refer to using xthemes domain name email service. Email Hosting service at xthemes can be used like an Email Relay server. You can integrate it with your application, website or running server to send email quickly and efficiently.

Besides, thanks to the use of a reputable IP, the Email Hosting service at xthemes also helps businesses to increase the success rate of sending emails to the inbox up to 99%. Not only that, it also has built-in Antispam technology, Antivirus, advanced security software, helps anti-virus, anti-email spam, … very effective.

Contact xthemes immediately for advice on choosing the right configuration according to your own needs!


The above article clarified what Email Relay is and some information related to Email Relay. If you found this article interesting and useful, don’t forget to share it with everyone for reference.

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